Oh, and…

Random game related updates:

The Extra Life event was awesome! I ended up at 113% of my $200 goal thanks to three gaming pals and my ever lovin’ hubby. Yay for us! I managed 20.5 hours straight before I crashed but since I finished my last bit on Sunday I still qualified for the Insomniac title. Double yay! However, I’ve not played any Rift since. My attention has been diverted by League of Legends. It’s a lot of the fun of an MMO what with the leveling and gold and item collection, but all condensed down into around 45 minutes and purely PvP. I guess I’m in love (however fleeting). I wish I’d realized before I renewed my year’s subscription to Rift, though. I would have totally spent that $100 on Riot points.

We also bought Battlefield 3 to play with a friend of Ken’s from work and talked Travis into playing it too.  I’d forgotten how horrible I am at FPSes: there’s excitement when I manage to hit someone with a bullet before I die.  It’s an exercise in frustration and I wish I’d spent the $50 on…yes, Riot points.  I can’t help it.  I’m a whore for champions and their skins.

This weekend is also my little brother-and-his-wife’s baby shower.  TRIPLE YAY!  Babies are the most awesome thing ever.  I mean, baby feet.  Need I say more?  I planned the thing and managed to send out invitations with my email address spelt wrong and no time for the shower.  I guess it’s all working out, though, and the hat I knitted for her is painfully cute.  I’ll link some pictures once I actually take them.


Extra Life!

Completely out of the blue and with no lead up posting:

Tomorrow is the Extra Life charity gaming event. I read about it on Rift’s forums and signed up on a whim and actually met my goal. Okay, so Ken donated the last bit but still! I’ve never done more than donate money myself for anything charity related–unless you count the Churchy-type things I did when I was young and Mormon, which I don’t because I ended up hating those assholes (not the people I helped. What kind of monster do you think I am?? Don’t answer that.)–so I feel really cool that I’m doing something CHARITABLE!

Also, total blog necro.


From Beyond the Grave

Gosh, there’s so much news I hardly know where to begin. The indefinite hiatus is officially over–has been for some time but I’ve been lazy.

On the book front: I guess it’s dead or maybe only comatose. My collaborator just sort of disappeared and though I have much of the bones of the plot I don’t know if I could finish it myself. We’ll see.

I discovered late last year (or maybe it was early this year) that I hadn’t updated my WordPress install and a security hole allowed the site to be infested with malicious somethings-or-other. Hopefully the four of you that still check in from time to time weren’t affected but I had to start from scratch with a lot of it. The new logo turned out kinda sweet, huh? I mean, it’s a lot like the old logo but…sweeter.

We finally attended an actual work-sponsored function. Adobe’s Christmas party was pretty amazing. It was held at the Grand America Hotel and they cleared out this giant ballroom for the thousand or so who showed up. The Neon Trees played and Ken was awarded EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR, complete with expensive glass vase (I’m positive it’s the kind you pronounce vahs; if you said vase, the old guy from Sweden who blew the glass thing himself would probably show up and slap you smartly across both cheeks) and giant cardboard check, just like on TV. It was awesome how many of Ken’s coworkers were genuinely glad for him and not just saying it while wishing the ground would open up and swallow him.

Another kick-ass perk of Ken’s Adobe employment is the ridiculous deals we get on their software.  I bought the new Web Premium Creative Suite 5 for less than ten percent of retail.  I won’t lie: when the box came, I danced around the living room and shouted incoherently.  I believe there may have been fist pumping.  It’s a good thing I put up those new blinds.

My MMOing continues, though I’ve moved on from WoW (again) to Rift.  It’s been SUPER fun and it’s nice to finally be playing something with Ken for once.  His free time is practically non-existent but we usually get an hour or two in on the weekends.  I’d read tons of posts about the beta and wasn’t really looking forward to release as most of the reviews were along the “the same ol'” lines.  What started to intrigue me was how many people kept playing and how much fun they seemed to be having.  We pre-ordered the collector’s edition and in the Head Start were pleased to find our experiences ran similarly.  There’s nothing much new in Rift but somehow it feels fresh and fun and I’m just loving it.  I still don’t get it but I’m sure not complaining!

I’m sure there’s a bunch of things that happened that I left out but I’m drawing a blank at the moment so here’s where I end this.  If you decide to give Rift a try, You Killed My Alt has been resurrected on Dayblind (US), Guardian side.