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In honour of my one-time favourite holiday next Wednesday, I’m reanimating the site.

Saturday, the 20th, I participated in the Extra Life charity gaming marathon benefiting the Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. I was playing for Primary Children’s here in Salt Lake City and raised $340 thanks to my awesome friends and family.  Thanks, guys! I only made it 20 hours before I succumbed to sleep but it was 20 hours of League of Legends which I think should count for double. I streamed it all on my Twitch.tv channel and got a pretty favourable response so I’ll be streaming more of my gaming in the future. Watch this space and stuff.

About a month ago I heard I’d won a contest from the guys over at Zam for a bunch of swag from PAX Prime. It came the last week and boy, was it a lot! I got three T-shirts, a 4 gig thumb drive, a poster, a lanyard, a pen, some sort of stress-relief squishy head, a glass mug, a hat, several cards for free shit, two cards from trading card games, and a set of fold-out paper speakers. All in all, badassery. Next time, I want to GO to PAX. This will happen; gird up your loins, PAXers.

In the past little bit several games have come out that have really caught my attention. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a remake of the original XCOM. Ken played it back in the day and convinced me to buy the new one. Holy shit, that game is FUN. I started out on Normal and am on my second play through on Classic difficulty. I felt a little guilty killing those tiny, big-eyed aliens at first but it turns out they’re total dicks so I execute them with extreme prejudice and unvarnished joy these days.

I was extremely excited for Borderlands 2 because I LOVED the first one. This new one is the epitome of bigger, better, faster, more (Hello, 4-Non Blondes!). A few people have complained to me that the gameplay doesn’t offer much new but I kinda feel like that’s why it’s so great. I don’t want a totally different game. Give me the same core awesomeness with a fresh face and new bells and whistles and I’m a happy spawn-camper.

We bought Dishonored two days ago and I am pretty impressed. This is my first time playing one of the hide-don’t-fight games so it’s been an exciting, though stressful, experience. I definitely recommend it!

Rift’s Storm Legion expansion is dropping on the 13th of November and I’m super excited for the Dimensions player/guild housing. One of my favourite stretches of game time was toward the end of my Everquest II run. I wasn’t much interested in questing or raiding but I spent a couple hundred hours with my Martha-Stewarty pal, Travis crafting for and arranging our personal and guild homes. I tuned in for the Dimensions live stream Trion Worlds did last week and it looks like it’s going to be something pretty similar but with much greater potential. I can’t wait!

If you haven’t seen the Bioshock Infinite trailer, get on it. This game’s not out ’til February of 2013 but we should all be counting the days. In related news, 2K for Prez.

And have you seen this cover of Look At Me Now? Go watch it. Amazing.

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