The LoL Gambler’s Fallacy

Teamwork.  In theory, it’s a simple concept but it feels like it’s generally beyond the reach of the average League player these days.  Maybe it’s the instant-gratification, low-accountability environment rampant in today’s games.  Or maybe it’s that the multiplayer aspect these games is falling out of fashion.  Or perhaps it’s just that not enough parents slapped their kids around during the years that mattered.  Whatever the case, getting people to cooperate in a civil manner has become increasingly difficult.

Options are often limited to a competent group that starts out well but most times collapses under the weight of the two racist and/or elitist dickheads and the six minutes at a time they spend typing out poorly spelled, grammatically embarrassing rants about the rest of the team; a mediocre group that wins or loses based on whether the team faced is totally inept or simply unskilled; or a really pleasant, friendly group that is surprisingly enjoyable but gets totally decimated by that first team on one of their good rounds.

But then there are those games where your entire team is working together like you always dreamed they could: the enemy jungle comes to steal blue and top and mid converge to assure the shut down.  Mid is farming like a boss and every lane has bought a ward.  Skill shots are being dodged like it’s the final game in an IPL tournament and the support is rolling like James Bond, 0/0/7.  It’s magic and it’s what keeps you playing even when half of my games   your games aren’t so rewarding.

Because you’re due for a win, right?


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