In League

League of Legends has really filled that empty spot in my gaming life.

I’d gotten tired of traditional MMOs with the level grind, difficult-to-balance endgame, and endless collecting–gear, crafting materials, reputation, pets, mounts, costumes.  I enjoy all of that to an extent but it feels like MMOs take it too far any more.

League is like playing the best parts of WoW or WAR or Rift but condensed down into 45 minutes with none of the getting ahead or falling behind that sucks all the fun out of playing with a group of friends.  They have so many champions and skins for them  that I don’t miss any of the customization that usually keeps me interested in an MMO long after I tire of the game play.

TERA is due out in a couple of weeks and we have it pre-ordered but I haven’t really seen much different there from the horde of MMOs currently on the market, aside from the combat aiming requirement.  Guild Wars 2 can be pre-ordered on the 10th of April (I think) and, though I’m sure we’ll do it, I don’t hold much hope there either.

It appears that Riot Games has won me over body and soul.

…and wallet.

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