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The baby shower has come and gone. I think it went okay ’cause no one rioted or threw up or beat me up in the backyard so that’s a big weight off my mind. My mother-in-law, Christy, catered the thing and her food was AMAZING. (You need an event catered in the Salt Lake Valley? I KNOW PEOPLE. Yummy people.) We did a purple theme because it’s (my sister-in-law) Cryssie’s favourite colour at the moment so there was purple punch and purple-and-white striped straws from which to drink it, and purple iced cupcakes which were painfully delicious. I wish Christy would cater my life. I could eat that shit all day, every day. I think she’d eventually end up just catering my bed, though, ’cause I’d be too fat to leave it. Thank god I’ve got a laptop. I totally forgot to take pictures of the hat and mittens I knitted, though, so I’ll have to wait ’til Carly’s actually wearing them to get some.

Battlefield 3 is even more awful than a FPS usually is for me. I have no idea how there are so many hidey holes and doorways and windows and burned out cars from which to snipe me. It’s also the first game that’s made me feel sorta motion sick. Or at least I think that’s what it is; it makes me feel gross anyway. It could also be the constant losing and inability to walk more that five steps before being gunned down in the street/river/forest. My score is abysmal; however, I was able to make an obscene logo for our platoon, Gang Bang Theory, so win there. If you want to check it out, my soldier name is LurbyJo.

I played in the SWTOR beta weekend after the shower and that was pretty sweet. I did love all the storying however my fat chick wasn’t very fat. I ended up with a really huge-assed, giant-breasted short girl…Nicki Minaj I guess? Another MMO dream dashed. I am semi excited about the release after playing so it wasn’t a total failure.

League of Legends totally has my attention on the gaming front. I play all the time, read guides on my favourite champions and general game tactics when I’m not playing, and dream about matches when I sleep. I’m surprised how fun I’m finding the game when I was so underwhelmed at release. Everyone should try it out and come play with us (I’m Bool)! Also, let me refer you as I need more Riot Points and IP boosts, damn it. This “free” game has spent all my mad money and then some. I “suggested” the children get some jobs to help pay for it. They’ve been turning out some mighty fine tennis shoes.

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