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Random game related updates:

The Extra Life event was awesome! I ended up at 113% of my $200 goal thanks to three gaming pals and my ever lovin’ hubby. Yay for us! I managed 20.5 hours straight before I crashed but since I finished my last bit on Sunday I still qualified for the Insomniac title. Double yay! However, I’ve not played any Rift since. My attention has been diverted by League of Legends. It’s a lot of the fun of an MMO what with the leveling and gold and item collection, but all condensed down into around 45 minutes and purely PvP. I guess I’m in love (however fleeting). I wish I’d realized before I renewed my year’s subscription to Rift, though. I would have totally spent that $100 on Riot points.

We also bought Battlefield 3 to play with a friend of Ken’s from work and talked Travis into playing it too.  I’d forgotten how horrible I am at FPSes: there’s excitement when I manage to hit someone with a bullet before I die.  It’s an exercise in frustration and I wish I’d spent the $50 on…yes, Riot points.  I can’t help it.  I’m a whore for champions and their skins.

This weekend is also my little brother-and-his-wife’s baby shower.  TRIPLE YAY!  Babies are the most awesome thing ever.  I mean, baby feet.  Need I say more?  I planned the thing and managed to send out invitations with my email address spelt wrong and no time for the shower.  I guess it’s all working out, though, and the hat I knitted for her is painfully cute.  I’ll link some pictures once I actually take them.

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