How To: Turn A Nerd Girl On

The Darkfall patch is coming.  Tonight (well, tomorrow morning but since I won’t have been to bed yet it will still be tonight for me), in fact.  I’m trying to watch my *SQUEES* and Qs.

I am so super stoked about the magic changes, the AI restructure, the melee and archery buffs, and the new house type.  I am hoping that since I was very polite and didn’t find a house deed in any of the squintillion chaos chests I opened that my first after the patch will contain a Keep Deed.  I am in sore need of a keep so that we can remake our EVE corp in Darkfall.  My hope is that if we have a Keep, I can convince our current alliance leader to let us ally with them so we can be the coolest named clan AND be with our amazing new pals.  I’m not sure why that would work, but my Female Logic™ says that it should.

I should get back to my melee grind (I swear to god there must be a soft cap; I don’t care who denies it!) but I’ll put up a post on my current favourite reads–on the Net and IRL, ’cause I KNOW YOU GIVE A SHIT–tomorrow while I squirmily wait for this patch.  

And maybe after I’ll work on Bruno’s sweater some more.  The pitiful eyes he gives me when he has to venture into the snowy backyard to tinkle with hardly any fur on are really starting to get to me.  Also, remind me to post the picture of my Bantu Knots.  My hair is sorta long enough to do them and so I’ve finally achieved my goal of looking like the semi-black version of Jane in Liar Liar.

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  • YoMma December 2, 2009, 8:41 pm

    “Female Logic™” – Haha! Love it!

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