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Someone made me drink a buncha brandy this evening so this post is going to be disjointed and pointless.


I had a ton of fun tonight.  Zealot’s (the alliance Pain Train is in with Black Shields and Blood Thirst) town was raided by a previous allied clan.  I’m not sure what their beef is except they must be SO CRAZILY JEALOUS.  I totally got smoked in the first five seconds but I got a mount and a 1H and shield and tried to help after it was apparently over (Yeah, I suck but you can’t fault my dedication!).

Later, Jesse and Drem and Ken and Dan and I wandered around hitting mines and harrassing AFKers and random defenders in towns in Darkfall’s massive world.  I love getting the special ore from mines that don’t belong to me.  It’s like Christmas without the tree to clean up or presents to buy.

I also got a PvP lesson from Loc Legend.  I dunno if I mentioned him before but he’s another at the top of my Cool Motherfuckers from Black Shields list.  I believe I horrified him by my PvP UNprowess but he was patient and nice anyhow.  Plus he can take a joke like no other.  I heart his guts, yo.

All in all, Darkfall is super fucking win right now.  Though transfers are tomorrow and I dread to think what Friday will bring for me (death, dismemberment, and DRUNKEN DEBAUCHERY?!) I’m loving this game.

Also, I love you.  Yes, you.  The one in the back with the weird tic.  You’re adorable.  *kiss*

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