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I totally found a pirate puppy coat knitting pattern while I was looking for Halloween costumes for the dogs (yes, I have become one of those weird pet people).  As I have dabbled in the terrifying and dangerous world of crocheting/knitting when I was younger (and more Mormon), I figured I should try it out.  However, I didn’t feel quite up to that difficulty yet, so I found an ADORABLE paw print face/washcloth pattern and have been practicing.  I also found some badass Mario-themed ones that I’ll be working on for the kids.  I also plan on making some emo scarves–with fingerless mittens on the ends–for the kids and me.  The yarn’s due here Thursday!

Last week, I ordered some needles from KnitPicks.  They’re acrylic, circular, with flexible cables to connect them, and interchangeable tips to make them all different sizes.  They’re ultra cool but I’m having trouble as they’re less slick than metal needles and I knit tighter than I should.  I’m learning Continental style to help me loosen up (god, didn’t that sound FILTHY?!) but I’m still totally saving up for these.  They’re in the same circular, modular family but are metal and instead of the cables screwing on (which can come loose during normal knitting) they press in and click.  The cables also connect to make longer ones and more needles gauges are included in the starter set.  I read they’re the Cadillac of interchangeable knitting needles.  …I feel all kinds of the wrong nerdy saying that.

Lastly, I found a really sweet local knitting store called Blazing Needles  I’m gonna check ’em out soon.  Yay for Susie Homemaker! 

Now if I can just get my ass out of bed before 2 PM and clean something.

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