An uninteresting and horrid facet of my fucking ridiculous procrastination issue is that I don’t do things unless I have ALL the tools I might need to do them (and I especially love it if I have to run out to buy them ’cause then I’ve expended all the energy I was going to use to actually do something on buying supplies for it and put it off ’til tomorrow).  For instance, it’s difficult for me to do the dishes if we don’t have dish soap, dishwasher detergent, JetDry, scrubby sponges, and one of those brushes that dispenses soap when you push a button near the handle.  I don’t know why those are so important when my dish-doing is usually comprised of a rinse and place-find in the dishwasher.  But I just don’t feel right if I don’t have every single item on my list ready.  JUST IN CASE.

“What the fuck does this have to do with Darkfall?” you ask.  Good question and watch your mouth or I’ll wash it.  First off, it totally explains my lack of posts.  I haven’t been doing anything interesting ’cause I’ve been getting all the tools I might possibly need to play.  This entails getting stats up so I don’t die in two hits (my god, I’m so tired of seeing Brownies and even more tired of seeing people coming to chase me away from their Brownies).  I’ve been leveling my tailoring and then making ass-tons of Cloth Armguards to get my Trueforge Armor to 55.  I’ve also been leveling my magic and picked up Earth magic, Spell Chanting, and Witchcraft.

Moving on!  As it turns out, a good friend of ours from EVE is playing Darkfall as well.  Jesse is BADASS and hella fun, though I think sometimes our filthy humour and mouths quietly horrify him and make him glad he lives far away.  It also turns out he’s in a superamazingholyshittheyfuckedme clan who happens to have kicked out the nubcity clan we’d joined in the beginning.  I’d only heard the story from the Supreme General of nubcakesclan, inc. and it was gratifying to hear that we weren’t the only ones who thought he was a directionless douchebag who never divvied up loot.  Anyhow, we’ve been hanging with Jesse a ton and he’s shown us cool new places to farm, taken us to hamlets to steal their mine contents and harass their citizens, and generally been a kick ass pal.

So there you have it.  Aside from the knitting I’ve been doing, this is how I’ve spent the past couple weeks. 

God, I love this game.

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