Boy, Was My Face RED.

You wanna hear an embarrassing story?  Too fucking bad.  I’m gonna tell it anyway.

So, I was rolling into Shoal to meet up with Ken and head out on an epic exploration expedition.  I just needed to grab some shit for spells and I was good to go.  I was busy checking things off my mental list when I realized the bank was about 50 yards away.  A perfect place to hop off my mount so I could rummage around in my bags for reagents.  I can see there’s a guy standing near the bank but he’s hella far off so I know I’m safe.  However, as I’m pulling my mount in (there was such little green left on the progress bar I couldn’t even SEE it) that motherfucker hops on my mount and rides away!  I don’t even know how he got over to me that fast.  It was craziness.

I wasn’t too upset about the actual mount loss.  I had enough money to buy another or I could have farmed for some steedgrass.  But, oh my lord, it was so mortifying to have my mount stolen in the middle of town.  I bet everyone saw.  I swear I could hear snickers as I shuffled dejectedly through my bank.

The moral of the story here, friends, is that distances are closer, people can run faster, and your mount is always in more danger than you think.  Watch yo ass!

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  • NoxAngst October 9, 2009, 4:24 am

    Rule number 1 on mounts. No matter where you are or what your are doing always take that 10s to put your mount up. You never know what baka is going to come and steal it or hit it.

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