Lil Jon Says, “Hu-what?!”

Amazingly, I have been spotlighted on the Darkfall forums by the Community Liaison! *SQUEE*

For those asking, I am Gankhis Khan on the NA-1 server.  I’m currently clanless, attempting to learn the PvP ropes (mostly getting hanged in them) and searching fruitlessly for steedgrass (We also have a couple of good friends from EVE who play and also rock ass!).  My husband is Know Fear and TOGETHER WE FORM VOLTRON. 

Or not. 

Either way, I’ll be posting again tomorrow and appreciate all the new readership!  *snuggle*

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  • YoMma September 24, 2009, 2:30 am


    So how’s Darkfall treating you? I know little about it, it’s a “hardcore” PvP system right?

    Good to see you posting again!

    Morphing into new projects myself, set up a Tumblr account at which is generally for anything and everything at the moment, gaming or otherwise.

    Keep posting your inimitable views and thoughts!

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