Wax and Wane

Apocrypha has been wonderful so far.  I’ve not run into any of the lag and other issues about which I’ve read complaints.  The wormholes are badass and a nice change from all the pirating we do.  We made some decent money in one and took out a Raven, a Caracal, and a CNR (poor guy had been stuck in there for TWO DAYS).

The Ninja Pirates picked up another new member, Drero, on referral from our alliance pals.  We’re excited to have him and can’t wait to break him in.  *grin*

I’m dying for the data dump so we can get our killboards going normally again.  The cheaty way we’ve got it now makes me feel unclean.  *raspberry*  But I do love the map mod I installed.  It shows our activity for the week with a neato red circle that makes us look terribly menacing.  Don’t go there, it says.  THEMS NINJAS!

I’ve been working on some fiction to post and it’s sapping my will to blog.  I hope to have some of it up here in the next couple weeks.  *crosses fingers*  But who knows how it will turn out.  Another phantom poo, probably.

Ken installed my second hard drive and I was finally able to reinstall all the games I was missing: Bioshock, Rainbow Six: Vegas, The Orange Box, Spore, CSI: Dark Motives, CSI: Miami, Call of Duty 4, and Fallout 3.  I am also bound and determined to get a Darkfall account this next time the store opens.  I must play this game.  I WILL NOT BE DENIED!

*brave face*

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