My Friend, Mr. X

This is a post I wrote two days ago, hemmed and hawed over, and finally (with the help of you guys!) am posting now with names and details of the not-so-innocent changed.

Hanging out in Old Man Star was pretty uneventful last night until I’d announced my intentions to log (doesn’t it always go that way?).  Dan, in his Vexor. was attacking Mr. X,  in a cruiser right outside the station.  I immediately warped over to watch the goings on ’cause you know I love a good show!  The cruiser docked up, complaining that it was three on one and wasn’t fair. 

 “I could take those two Vexors if it wasn’t for that Blackbird!”  The Blackbird, of course, was mine and Ken was in the other Vexor.  Keep in mind that I’d never cycled up a single jammer.

I assured Mr. X that I’d had no intention of interfering and simply wanted to watch the fight.  He insisted that as long as I wasn’t around he could take both Dan and Ken and that the only reason he’d docked up was because he knew I’d jump in and help.  I told him again that I was not looking to join in his fights against our Vexors and only wanted to watch.  He then challenged Ken and Dan to a fight to which they agreed.  Mr. X was insistent that I not be involved and I again assured him that I’d be watching only and from 100 km.  He also agreed.

We fleeted Mr. X and he warped over to me at our safespot.  I assumed he would have warped in at 100 km as that was where I’d agreed to watch.  As soon as he landed, though, he started shooting me.  Fortunately, I was all ready aligned and warped out immediately (and I’m not going to fib, I expected as much.  He’d been quite accusatory in Local and I’ve noticed those who are unable to see trustworthiness in others usually lack it themselves!).  As soon as I landed, I warped right back.  The agreement with Mr. X was that I wouldn’t participate in the action but as he’d attacked me, he obviously wanted me to join in.  Right?  Right.  I jammed him and and Ken and Dan blew him to smithereens.  He claimed he’d never agreed to fight just the Vexors and that I’d been the one acting inappropriately by staying to watch the fight.  We laughed at his logic and he left local soon after.

A short while later, Dan scanned down another cruiser in one of the belts.  Sure enough, it was Mr. X.  I warned everyone that he’d probably brought friends and we warped in to spank him again.  Within seconds, a T2 cruiser warped in (decloaked?) to help.  

“Oh, shit.  I know that T2 cruiser pilot.  He’s a blogger!”  My corp knows my feelings on attacking a fellow blogger (though they hate the reduction in targets, they humour me) but this time they put their collective foot down and I was forced to agree.

We focused on the T2 cruiser, working it down, and a frigate warped in.  Dan was getting low but the frigate had him pointed.  My jams were tied up with the cruiser and T2 cruiser and they didn’t cycle fast enough; he ended up going down, losing his point on Mr. X, who promptly warped out.  Ken finished off the frigate and then the T2 cruiser and we scooped the loot and sped off.

All in all, it was a terribly exciting incident.  Aside from Mynxee and YoMma (since I was all ready pals-y with them by the time I ran into them in game), this was my first celebrity sighting!  I should have asked for an autograph but I’m not sure how that would have gone over.  *grin*

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  • Sard Caid February 12, 2009, 1:28 am

    Curious, why not name the ships in the engagement, instead of listing the family name? It adds so much more to a battle report to know just what was shooting at what, as that drastically changes how things should or shouldn't have occurred in the reader's eye. You were doing fine in this regard at the start of your post, however moved into more vague wording later in.

    Nice story though.

    PS: the whole "don't name people!" shtick really only applies if you're talking down about folk. It's not bad typing about shooting at a fellow blagger! Hell, link their blag with their name!

  • LurbyJo February 12, 2009, 2:01 am

    I removed ship types because I didn't want people checking the KB for the encounter. And I didn't name them because I felt Mr. X acted like a dick during the 2v1 he requested. I know I wouldn't want TNP judged on one person acting unbecomingly (hopefully none of our guys would!) so I thought anonymity was warranted.

  • Sard Caid February 12, 2009, 2:36 am

    Fair enough.

  • orbit May 7, 2009, 1:15 pm


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