Men’s Room Sigh

This has been my theme for the week so far.  Just they way Harvey says it too, all dragged out and pitiful.

Since deciding to bring my interceptors out from under the dust cloths in the garage, I’ve been losing them in ways I wouldn’t have thought possible.  I all ready explained how I died while distracted, letting my cloak wear off in front of a huge gate camp.  

Number two was lost to undock lag in Tama.  I heard the shooting on my speakers before my screen loaded up to show me the damage.  It was terribly disheartening and somehow, though I’ve turned off ship explosions, I lagged when my poor Taranis blew up and woke up in a new clone.  

My undock bad luck persisted in Jita and I got podded there the following day, losing all my shiny new implants.  Yes, Harvey, sigh is right.

My training for a Falcon will finish on the 19th of February and then I will be five-ing out the rest of my interceptor skills.  Yay!  I love training plans.  They make me feel so accomplished.

My pal, Izzy, linked me the screenie from someone who’d been scammed in Jita.  A TWO YEAR OLD ACCOUNT! I couldn’t help but giggle.

Gratz to all the new Blog Pack members!  I’ll update my links today. 🙂

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