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The Ninja Pirates is really maturing and our members are stepping up, eager to learn new roles.  It’s so gratifying to see our little corp growing both in size and skill.

Widow Maker showed us his talent as FC on a roam down to a system I hadn’t visited in a long while.  I was a bit behind as I was still recovering from my dual-podding the night before.  I got the system link from Fleet, set my destination, and warped to the first gate on the list.  There was an enormous SWIGG camp and I popped through with alacrity…right into Nourvukaiken.  Thankfully I was in my shiny new interceptor, One Pump Chump, and I hauled ass through the shorter high sec route to our destination.  I missed out on all the fun on the way down, though, including Widow nimbly manuvering our fleet around a Beyond Divinity camp (those boys don’t fuck around).  

We finally met up in Mara and cast about for targets.  We bagged an Arbitrator and chased several inties around but I never could lock one down.  I even ran into a pal from the EVE-Bloggers channel though the full story there is protected by The International Wimminz Conspiracy™.  

We packed up and headed back to Tama where I logged and the rest of the fleet proceeded to get a few kills.  I must be bad luck and/or outta practice.  *grin*  All in all, it was a good night and Widow was, as expected, a kick ass FC.

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