Last night’s roam down to Old Man Star was pretty uneventful.  We locked down a Phobos but were too slow getting a web on him and he called in friends.  We all got out safely, though, which is a great improvement on some of our other fights.

The real excitement was later and to my great and everlasting chagrin, I CAN’T EVEN BLOG ABOUT IT.  But, pals, you just hit me up in game and I will tell you ALL about it.

I did lose my freshly un-garaged Ares to some absolute stupidity, though.  Ken got locked down in his Deimos and I got distracted by his warp jam and a corp-friend talking to me about the Secret Exciting Thing and let my cloak wear off.  Of course I got caught too and we both blew up.  In spite of the loss, I am  rediscovering the joys of my inty and will probably fly that until my Falcon training is complete on the 19th of February.  I’m terribly excited to fly an eWar ship that isn’t CCP’s punching bag.

Do any of you guys use Pandora?  Do you know if there’s some badass plugin so I can share my stations with people?  ‘Cause I love it and I’d like to spread that love all around.  Like hot, melty butter.  Mmmm.

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