Everything has been so crazy with the holidays but I’m sneaking in to write a quick one and then back to the grind!

The Ninja Pirates had a T13 Frigate Fight Night.  That’s T1 frigates with T1 fittings and T1 drones.  It was a blast and though we were all smoked (whoever said that the ship explosion lag is fixed by turning off the animations was WRONG; look at those pods!) by the same interceptor, we also took down a Harbinger!  It seemed like everyone had fun and we hope to do it again later this week.  I will say that it’s fucking SWEET killing (or even dying!) in a ship that, fully fitted, costs less than the afterburner from my normal setups.

We got to hang out with some of the other residents of Tama and even killed a couple people together.  Is there anything more heartwarming than two groups of pirates putting aside their differences to blob the shit out of hapless undockees?

The Ninja Pirates have also acquired some new recruits!  Well, they’re not new.  They’re skilled and viscious and new to us.  Sorta like the last car I bought.  Welcome Orthelo, WidowMaker, Mapes, P0isen Ivy, Sinthria, and Celestrias!  *o/*

I’ve gotten a good stockpile of ships but money is running low so we’re going to have to do some sites here shortly.  I wish I could locate a steady stream of income that didn’t require so much effort.  Kind of like the one I have here at home…  *wink*

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  • Mynxee December 30, 2008, 1:25 pm

    Really sounds like I need to clone jump back to Tama for a day or two to hang out with you guys. Gratz on your Harbinger take-down…doing it with frigs is soooo satisfying!

  • CrazyKinux December 30, 2008, 3:27 pm

    Yeah the Holidays does that to you it seems! Congrats on that kill!

  • ZeiTGeisT iL December 31, 2008, 4:19 am

    I wish I could locate a steady stream of income that didn’t require so much effort. Kind of like the one I have here at home… *wink* ☺☺☻☻☻☺☺LOL

    Ill help yall with any sites,robble robble. could bring a specific alt. Isk is always low=] And ‘ye lass’s be always fun to flettin with y’know’?

  • Tony December 31, 2008, 10:33 am

    Hay I want to look for sites too 😉

    But I don’t have time 😉

  • Sarah Barah January 1, 2009, 12:22 am

    LOL, Zeit! <3

    And I'm happy to help out on the site fights whenever. I don't have the skills myself so I have to rely on Ken.

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