My favourite part of the EVE universe is the dynamic and ever-changing PvP mechanic.  Because everything in EVE is player-driven, you are able to PvP in many different ways, including bloodlessly on the market.  This has always intrigued me, though I don’t really have the right personality for it.  I started down that road once, training up some of the enticingly named skills before losing interest in the complexities of simply keeping track of my purchases.  Still, I can just imagine making multibillion dollar purchases to corner the market and drive out the opposition, then reselling at exorbitant prices once a place has been secured at the top of the food chain.  Crushing your enemies without ever leaving your station of choice just sounds so satisfying.

Outside the market, you wouldn’t think high security space would offer many opportunities to PvP.  You’d be wrong.  Many players choose to target miners by moving ore from a jettisoned can belonging to said miner into another they own and waiting.  Eventually the miner calls in or brings back a hauler to retrieve their booty and ends up so much space dust in the solar wind.  “Can-flipping” allows you to take down these unsuspecting miners and their haulers as they don’t realize they’re actually stealing all that tediously mined ore back from you.  Had I known about this technique early in my yarring career, I might have tried it out to get a feel for combat.  Probably not, though; I’m just too much of a softie.  Squishing (mostly) helpless industrialists make me feel like a kitten-kicker.

Another option in high sec is ninja salvaging.  This is accomplished by scanning down missioners and liberating the salvage components from wrecks left behind.  As long as you don’t take any of the cargo, you’re completely protected and the angry missioner can do nothing.  Many pilots use this as an entertaining griefing tool and an easy source of income.  I’ve even heard there’s a corporation who specializes in it.  Along this same vein, I’ve also heard of people advertising spots where many wrecks are ripe for the taking, luring in newbie ninjas and waiting nearby for that salvager who just can’t resist a poke around in the cargo.

Apparently suicide ganking is yet another increasingly popular high sec opportunity for PvP (and a VERY lucrative one, I hear!).  A group will fit cheap ships for high, fast damage and pop haulers undocking in trade hubs, knowing Concord will take them out, while friends lurk in their own haulers to scoop up the loot.  Complaints about this practice have been all over the forums for quite some time and I believe CCP is taking steps to make this harder or have harsher repercussions.  I can’t say I don’t approve.  This seems a tad unfair as, aside from wardecs, high security space should be just that: highly secure.

Currently, my PvP choice is the plain old vanilla ship-to-ship pirating mechanic, though I find plenty of variety in it.  I’m still rather early on my path to red-blinky piracy, so I’m not always successful and I haven’t quite learned to harden my heart toward the tears of the care bears on which we first practiced.  We’ve moved from hunting new pilots in asteroid belts to tanking sentry guns at stations and gates.  I’m hoping to follow in the footsteps of one of my most feared opponents and get into a Heavy Interdictor.  That’s still a few weeks off but things are looking up and our baby corporation, The Ninja Pirates, is growing and could be headed to a system near you!

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  • PsycheDiver December 3, 2008, 10:55 am

    I wonder if we’ll see much more of this when ambulation comes around…

    Pub owned by corp A is trying to squeeze out pub owned by corp…

  • Sarah Barah December 3, 2008, 12:54 pm

    I hope so. It’s terribly interesting to watch.

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