Pirate Pals

The past few days we’ve had some friends along in our pirating adventures.  It’s been really fun running around with our blogging friends and hanging out with them on vent.  One of my Thanksgiving thanks was for this community I found and the friends I’ve made in it.  ♥

A couple nights back, Ken had undocked from the station and lost a Megathron to a guy with whom we’d thought we were friendly.  His doofus friend, General Nelson, stole the loot outta Ken’s wreck, so we baited him into another theft and BLEW HIS ASS UP .  I opened a conversation with Mr. Isis Dea to ask what was up:

[ 2008.11.27 04:04:13 ] Gankis Khan: Guess we’re not pals any more, huh?
[ 2008.11.27 04:04:36 ] Isis Dea: since when you pals go around blinking like outlaws?
[ 2008.11.27 04:04:44 ] Gankis Khan: Since always.
[ 2008.11.27 04:05:09 ] Gankis Khan: No worries.  We’ll just note it down for next time we’re helping you in the belts. 🙂

I closed the chat and received the following EVEMail:

To which I responded, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.  Archon has nothing to do with us.  He is in another corp.  Keep your high and mighty to yourself, thanks.”  We noted Isis’ corp as unfriendly to us and proceeded to do what we do best.  We killed a couple of his corp members and podded them .  He began chatting up local:

[ 2008.11.27 04:56:48 ] Isis Dea: Pirates…. Nothing better…. Just like alll of them…
[ 2008.11.27 04:57:49 ] Isis Dea: What is your excuse this time? You proved your true colors. 🙂
[ 2008.11.27 04:57:54 ] Gankis Khan: Of course we did.
[ 2008.11.27 04:58:01 ] Gankis Khan: We never had an “excuse” as you put it.
[ 2008.11.27 04:58:05 ] Gankis Khan: We just thought we were pals.
[ 2008.11.27 04:58:11 ] Gankis Khan: You let us know different.
[ 2008.11.27 04:58:26 ] Isis Dea: You shoot all neutrals like that?
[ 2008.11.27 04:58:36 ] Gankis Khan: Oh, you’re not neutral. 🙂
[ 2008.11.27 04:59:30 ] Isis Dea: Hmmm, so In the name of defending the innocent, I earn a negative view. Which is reinforced u=only through the killing of my friends. They did nothing to you.
[ 2008.11.27 05:00:02 ] Isis Dea: I thought I was the one you wanted, hence I asked if you treated all neutrals that way?
[ 2008.11.27 05:00:52 ] Isis Dea: Sure, blob a neutral, someone whos never fired on you, someone who doesn’t have the skills to even. He was just ratting the belts, he didn’t hurt anyone.
[ 2008.11.27 05:01:26 ] Isis Dea: ….And you killed him out of spite for me. Is that how you treat your neutrals?If so, what makes you so different from SWIGG or VETO?
[ 2008.11.27 05:01:51 ] Lawlzer: Isis, we don’t shoot people we call friends. We thought you were out friend. End of story.

There were some real gems from him:

[ 2008.11.27 05:03:16 ] Isis Dea: Oh? Is everyone entitled to stand back and let the pirate always have the first shot? My, is that why the universe of EVE is run by them?
[ 2008.11.27 05:03:59 ] Isis Dea: By these…. pirates, worshiped on the EVE forums, rebellous of any enjoyment a lesser player might want out of the game.
[ 2008.11.27 05:03:59 ] Inara Tam: here’s a clever thought. why not shoot first?
[ 2008.11.27 05:04:37 ] Isis Dea: Why not fire first only on the pirates who not once resulted in piracy… But many times to become an outlaw.
[ 2008.11.27 05:05:11 ] Inara Tam: because this is eve and people can do whatever they like?
[ 2008.11.27 05:05:12 ] Isis Dea: Yes, that seems fair, very fair in EVE (even though I thought we were suppose to be unfair after such fairness they treat us).
[ 2008.11.27 05:05:55 ] Isis Dea: In the end, its just that. Do whatever you like no matter who takes the hit. To make yourself feel better, you’d slaughter someone else, who has done nothing to you.
[ 2008.11.27 05:06:05 ] Isis Dea: You just did it, that wasn’t a question.
[ 2008.11.27 05:06:10 ] Del Tarrent: You talk a lot…………..
[ 2008.11.27 05:06:12 ] Gankis Khan: Oh, Isis… Your tears fuel my Warp Scrambler II.
[ 2008.11.27 05:06:22 ] Inara Tam: it’s not slaughter. it’s exchanging a few bits of data and making a few pixels change color
[ 2008.11.27 05:06:23 ] Inara Tam: get over it
[ 2008.11.27 05:07:13 ] Inara Tam:
[ 2008.11.27 05:07:48 ] Isis Dea: Whose tears? I know my targets well. I’m only stunned by the poor accuracy of your weapons.
[ 2008.11.27 05:08:02 ] Isis Dea: I, myself, am relieved.
[ 2008.11.27 05:08:53 ] Inara Tam: hehe ah carebear whinging in local. it’s why i came back to eve after all this time
[ 2008.11.27 05:08:53 ] Isis Dea: You know you are doing the right thing when the rest of the world is ready to spill nonsense as an excuse.

At some point in the festivities, we found Mynxee , Hallan Turrek , ZeitGeistT iL, and Jaxxon Voers had come into Tama to play.  We decided to merge fleets and fight together.  However, I tried to pull it together while we had people in belts baiting and of course it ended in tears.  I managed to lose ships for most of us and that asshat, Isis, weaseled his way onto most of the mails with his webber.  But justice was served (thanks to our new Tama pals!): we totally got him back and it was sweet like honey.

Our blog-heavy group got a few kills under our belts and decided to adjourn for the evening but to meet up again soon.  I promised not to attempt fleet merges and Ventrilo server changes in the middle of action-fishing and hopefully we’ll see them all back.

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  • Hallan Turrek November 29, 2008, 8:03 pm

    I was just happy to get the double web on this annoying fellow. Two .25 million rifters were a fair trade for me. 😉

  • Sarah Barah November 29, 2008, 8:16 pm

    Oh, Hallan, you were my hero of the night! <3

  • No'Wai November 29, 2008, 8:43 pm

    o/ <–this

  • Mynxee November 29, 2008, 9:04 pm

    Isis Dea must ride the short bus! Had a great time flying with y’all and look forward to doing it again soon and regularly.

  • Manasi December 1, 2008, 5:31 am

    OK I’ll weigh in here I am neutral to you, you are neutral to me. If I come into your “space” I expect to get shot up and podded. If you come into my space, Currently Stain and you are neutral we have a NBSI policy…so you will be shot. This should be understood AND accepted by pilots in “new eden” (complete noobs I leave alone as they have yet to realize this..but I do explain it) I can understand being upset but why all the tears n whining?…meh don’t rightly know why some people get so upset.

  • Mynxee December 1, 2008, 6:06 am

    Manasi: I know! ESPECIALLY when they are in Low Sec, ffs! What else do they expect?!

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