Our Ratting Adventures

This weekend was spent in a corp-wide effort to raise our security status. Several of us had been banned from high security space due to our pirating ways and the new alliance requires a -1.99 or higher.

Our first night ratting ended in another security drop. A Deimos decided to attack Ken (he started the evening as a permablinky) and apparently assumed his two friends wouldn’t help. He was wrong. He told us he was going to get his friends and then called us pussies, though that was his last statement in local. Ken sent him speedily to a medical cloning facility.

We also saw a big ol’ battleship fight and I got caught in a bubble camp.  I lost my Brutix in a painful colon punch but was able to save my pod.  With all the implants I wear, I felt it was a fair trade.  We also ran into a group hunting us, hoping to find us singly, that scattered when we all jumped into the system.  One didn’t get away, though, and we spanked his/her bottom.  (WHO’S THAT ON TOP DPS?!)

Ken, Travis, and James got a Serpentis Carrier spawn with two ships carrying twenty-five million units of Tritanium and one with two-and-a-half million units of Mexallon.  They had no way to get it back to a station as it was five hundred million m3 and they were seven jumps away.  Ken ran in to wake me up and see if any of my ships were big enough to carry it but it would have been a hundred trips, not to mention that would still be fifteen jumps from Jita.  They eventually did the right (dog in the manger) thing and blew it up so no one else could have it.  Ha!

As I flew only interceptors until recently, my kill ratios on our boards are sweet.  An enemy has only a 17.86% chance to survive against me!  Fear my Warp Disruptor II!

P.S.  If you hadn’t noticed, my article on ENN has arrived!

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  • Ombey November 18, 2008, 5:33 am

    Nice writeup. That is a lot of minerals dropped from that spawn! Shame you couldn’t carry it back, the trit alone was worth 150-200m.

  • PsycheDiver November 18, 2008, 6:44 am

    Sounds like fun!

  • Mynxee November 18, 2008, 9:27 am

    *sigh* I’ve had a couple of those spawns in Syndicate when I was down there ratting. In addition to the minerals, there was also a nice Elara mining upgrade in one of them. Sounds like you’re having a lot more fun “ratting” than I ever did.

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