I‘m completely enjoing my position at ENN as Junior Editor.  I’ve been proofing most of the articles that come in (my FAVOURITE pastime) but I’m also supposed to be writing articles myself.  However, I haven’t been able to come up with ideas that really seem like they’d be interesting and my style.  Anyone have any ideas?

I’m hella stoked for Tuesday’s patch.  Since starting EVE, all I’ve wanted was to be able to PvP in a tiny ship and actually be a menace.  From the sounds of it, Assault Ships are going to have their place now and small-ship gangs will be viable!  I can’t wait.

Also, the Ninja Pirates may be joining an alliance.  This alliance is all about the legal yarr (though they aren’t opposed to a gankfest here and there and this is how we met them), so we’ve been working on getting our security status up again.  Ratting is a pain in my ass but at least the rats are stupid: I found a cargo expander on one.  What tanking Brutix is out waiting for a fight with a cargo expander fitted?!  Maybe he was mining.  Ha ha!

I stayed up all damned night again so I’d better go hop in bed before Ken wakes up and makes me keep him company all day.  *wink*

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