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Things have been crazy hectic lately, so I’ve been away for a bit.

The Ninja Pirates have been war decced!  Apparently Travis’ acts of ninja salvage didn’t go over well with The Leathernecks and they are ready to tan our hides.  We’re all pretty excited since the only war Ken and I have been involved in was when we were in E-UNI and we spent most of that docked.  However, these Leatherneckers may be high sec homebodies (we’re not sure what’s up just yet) and we might not see much more action down in Tama than normal.  I spent a lot of last night getting fuel and strontium topped off in the POSes so we wouldn’t have to worry about hauling stuff down while the war’s on.

I’ve also joined ENN as the Junior Editor (oh em gee, *SQUEE*)!  I really only applied on a whim; I didn’t expect to be accepted.  But I’m very excited to start work for them and I’m just loving Serious Sally.  SHE ROCKS!

Also, I hope all you Americans voted today. I didn’t but I am totally calling you out on the carpet anyone. SOMEONE’s got to make sure my voice is heard and I’m obviously too lazy to do it myself.

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  • Mynxee November 5, 2008, 6:19 am

    Gratz on the ENN appointment–and good luck with the war. Sounds like fun! I need to come hang out with you in Tama some evening.

  • Leumas November 5, 2008, 1:52 pm

    Congratulations on the ENN appointment. Look forward to your contributions there.
    Good luck with the war dec. Hope you see some action.

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