Catch Up …again

Still sick.  In fact, sicker than before.  We can all blame Ken.

A couple days back, though, I got on my first kill mail in a LONG time.  I borrowed a Brutix that could tank the gate and station guns from Ken and we bagged ourselves a Prophecy!  It was my first kill that I didn’t feel guilty about later (maybe because I hardly hit him!). 

Karma was totally waiting around the corner to knock me down and rub snow in my face, however.  Beyond Divinity stormed in with nine people and spanked our bottoms smartly.  We probably should have guessed from the BYDI inty pilot we saw hop in just a minute before but we were feeling pretty cocksure.

I also forgot to mention my epic foot-in-mouth convo with none other than our pal, Pegleg Punk!  Boy, did I blush when I realized what I’d typed.

Halloween is coming and pictures will soon follow.  The boys have the CUTEST scary costumes.  I am going to dress up as everyone’s favourite social vampire, the WoW player.  Har har har!

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  • Mynxee October 30, 2008, 9:23 am

    I’m sure you’re feeling better now, with some Vitamin P (for Piracy!) in your diet!

    HILARIOUS convo with Pegleg…one only YOU could have, I think. You are so lovably outrageous!

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