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I‘ve been sick for the past couple days (Ken brought home the death from work and somehow only I caught it) and haven’t been EVEing the way I should, or WARing for that matter. We have, however, recruited an EVE pal to WAR with us! *thumbsup* Ken’s been trying out his Megathron and attempting to pull our killboards out of the pitiful slump that’s mostly my fault.

I also read Black Claw‘s post on subscribing to the EVE Blogroll using your Google Reader AND being able to comment from there. It’s awesome and I recommend trying it out. Do be aware that all these posts will take up craploads of your time and you won’t get anything done ’til you’ve read the day’s worth. 😉 It’s also sort of brought me down from my blog-related high. I don’t feel quite as special any more seeing those gobs of blogs, many of which are better written and legitimate. And I’m starting to feel the yuck toward the word blog again. Isn’t there a better word for it? One that sounds less like what I do after a hard night of free drinks at the bar?

The EVE blogging community has been moving forward: along with the in-game channel (EVE-Bloggers), a Ventrilo server has been provided ( and a new forums site is springing up. It’s all very exciting and I can’t wait to get more involved!

I’m off to read PsycheDiver‘s fanfiction. I’ve been saving it for when I felt like sitting up again. Yay!

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  • PsycheDiver October 24, 2008, 10:06 am

    I’m honoured you would read my fiction. Hope you enjoy it!

  • Black Claw October 24, 2008, 4:40 pm

    I’m commenting on this from within Google Reader. Hehehe. I love the convenience!

    Blogging used to be called ‘online journaling’, until ‘web logs’ or blogs became all the rage. I still prefer ‘online journalist’ to ‘blogger’, but blog or blogger is faster to write… Oh well.

    See you – or is that hear you – on Vent some time!

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