*Fram Fram Fram*

So, last night on my hauler alt, I bought a Crane and a Bustard. Turns out I can fit the Crane to carry 9405 m3 and have 20k effective hp and +2 warp strength! The Bustard sports over 27k and can carry 30,635 m3. Along with the Charon, these ships have helped me to feel I have reached the pinnacle of hauling carebearism.

Armed with my new-found confidence and Kettle Black, my Crane, I began the first of ELEVEN successful runs through Tama and Sujarento. Each trip buoyed my confidence further and by trip eleven, I was feeling nigh-invincible. It was time to pull out the big boy, Army Surplus, the Bustard. (It is important to note here that Wikipedia has an interesting entry on the bustard. I draw your attention to the following quote: “They were renowned by the ancient Arabs for being unnaturally stupid.”)

I loaded up with a battlecruiser, a cruiser, and about 100 million ISK in fittings and headed for the Tama gate. I checked my alt who was sitting 470 km off the Nourvukaiken gate in Tama. It was clear. Just to be safe, since this is the most dangerous jump in our trip, I had Travis in his Falcon uncloak and be ready to jam anyone who popped up. I hopped through in the Bustard and TOTALLY GOT AWAY! The hardest part of the trip was done! I zoomed to the Sujarento gate, chatting amiably with Justin in Vent.

And jumped into a camp of six pumpkin-coloured pilots (outlaws are orange for me so war targets can be red and I won’t be confused). “Motherfucker!” I shouted into my mic. “There’s a gate camp here. …and Justin.” I started into my warp to the POS, figuring I had to give it the old college try, but I knew I was doomed. Kablooey, of course. “Justin,” I moaned. “Why didn’t you tell me they were there?!” “Oh,” sez he. “I didn’t know you were coming.”


During these festivities, Ken was scanning for a site so we could make some money and try to recoup some of the ISKies we’ve been losing lately. Amazingly, he found four at once! Less amazingly, we lost a couple while he waited around for all of us to get together and the two plexes we did find were lame city. Le sigh.

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  • Mynxee October 18, 2008, 4:52 am

    Justin needs to be tied up and beaten rather severely LOL! Ouchies. Funny story the way you tell it though.

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