RL Intrudes

Boy. Just boy.

There are people out here in real life that drive me absolutely crazy. People I would love to warp scramble and pod permanently (for, among other things, using and teaching others to use a child as a weapon and a shield). I would also love to give you the full run down on these asshats but I know the moment I do, my practically unread blog will fall into the electronic hands of someone in that circle (what a miraculous demonstration of Murphy’s Law it would be and further proof there is a god and he is cruel) and the info will get back to said asshats. And of course when it did, they’d do what they could (and, though sad and unfair, it’s quite a lot) to make our lives miserable.

Suffice it to say, I’d like them gone. I don’t exactly wish death on them…but just some sort of painless non-existence. I’m pretty sure everyone would (even unknowingly) breathe a little easier with their particular brand of white-trash sadism excised.

P.S. I’ve burned the roof my mouth and now have a blister that I can’t stop touching with my tongue. It’s horrifying and probably karma from this post.

This post obviously sponsored by The Society for the Preservation of Overly Parenthesized Tangents.

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