So we decided to head out tonight in EVE to see what was shakin’.

Matt (we met him in WoW a couple years back and are just bringing him over to the New Eden dark side), Travis, Jason, Ken, and I scouted around in Sujarento looking for an elusive Condor. We wanted to help Jason and Matt get their first kill on something…squishy. Unfortunately, it remained thus. Elusive, not squishy. Well, yes, it remained squishy as well, but you know what I mean. We finally gave up and moved into Tama.

71 people in local! This didn’t look promising. Tama has been a hotbed of faction warefare activity and scares away all the nubbies for which we usually aim. However, with Ken manning the scanner, we found a lone pirate in a far-off belt.

I zoomed over and got him locked down and waited for everyone to jump to me. The Caracal pilot turned out to be pretty fast and the rest of the group had trouble keeping up with him. There were several attempts over the next four or five mintues to warp out and back to me to get the guy in range of our guns, none of which were successful for very long. In the meantime, he managed to scram Jason and blow him up.

We finally realized he was just too quick for the DPS ships with us and Ken decided to grab a Microwarp Drive for his Nemesis. I just kept flying around and around the dude, keeping him pointed. The guy was getting pretty antsy by then and opened a conversation with me. I was pretty sure he was going to ask to be let go and honestly, I’d probably have done it if he’d been a little more literate and a little less of a douchebag.

Unfortunately, though his criminal countdown showed as yellow, Ken’s ship got smoked by the gate guns. He docked at a station to wait for this invisible countdown to finish and get into his Vexor. I was getting concerned the Caracal was going to call in reinforcements so Ken hopped onto his alt and joined us with a Hyena to slow the bastard down.

So webbed, there was no hope and 22 minutes after first turning my Warp Disruptor II on to DON’T CRY!!!!!, he was toast.

P.S. He tried to argue that this was a fail on our part because of how long it took but my answer to that is:

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  • Mynxee October 10, 2008, 6:31 am

    22 MINUTES? LOLS! Well, at least he didn’t log off.

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