Ships of Fools

Tonight we got the whole group together in EVE and decided to kill some nubs over in Tama. But first, we had to move some ships outta Jita for Ken’s toons, so I spent an hour hauling crap down to our POS on my less-criminal toon.

When I finally got to Tama, I started scanning and belt/planet hopping. Some cranky dude we’d picked up from god-knows-where got his shit locked down by a Sleipnir (apparently three or four minutes before I even got into my Ares) and lost his Deimos as I warped in to get a point on the command ship (this also resulted in our pal, Justin, losing his ship). He (the whiny guy, not our pal) cried about his 250 million dollar loss and logged off, presumably to apply a Band-Aid to his newly-gaped asshole. Can I just say it’s nubby as hell of the dude to fly a ship he can’t afford to lose? I didn’t learn much my first two months in EVE but I think I’d heard that particular pearl fifty or sixty times by then. Regardless, that seemed to set the tone for the evening.

Most of our action happened at the IX-1 asteroid belt. Some hoebag in a Manticore got the drop on Ken and blew his poor Nemesis to bits. And then, though there had been some warnings from the peanut gallery, Travis fell prey to that same hoebag while trying to get the dropped gear from Ken’s wreck. I did a lot of microwarp-driving all over the belt trying to scare away the ninja looters stealing all the phat epix from the wrecks but they managed to get most of it. *sadface*

I locked down an Armageddon and we even scared off a Crusader who came to defend. We were actually looking pretty good (had the ‘Geddon 1/3 of the way into his armor!) ’til he pooped out EW drones, popped my target, and warped out.

The previously mentioned hoebag warped back in and when she de-cloaked, Ken blew HER to smithereens. Unfortunately, she’d fired her missiles at the same time, so his ship got smoked too. It was like one of those wild west gunfights where the outlaws are just so fast but then so is the sherriff and they both go down in a hail of bullets and blood.

I waited around at my Super Secret Tama Safe Spot while we regrouped and people got new ships and then hopped back to our favourite belt of the evening. I warped in on a Drake and got a point on him, so I shouted for everyone to warp to me. He had an awesome tank but we were totally whittling him down. That’s when a Thorax and a Hyperion jumped in and our internet connection jumped out. The window. My view started shooting back and forth between my ship and some random asteroid. Ken was sitting at full life and then suddenly found himself in a pod with the Hyperion jammed up his Hurricane’s ass. I boned out to my favourite hiding spot while we assessed the damage. Turned out Travis got away too, but Jason and Justin weren’t so lucky.

The most irritating part was that the Drake had cried in local for help and PEOPLE CAME. Who the hell warps into a belt to help some random whiner? What if he’s baiting you? Didja ever think of that? Huh? Jesus, people. How can we pirate if you’re going to be so solidarity and shit?!

P.S. I DO know how to put two spaces after a period like a real typist but apparently this thing edits them out. WTF? Also, I totally didn’t lose a ship last night. Nyaa nyaa!

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  • Mynxee October 10, 2008, 6:30 am

    HILARIOUS….I must come up there and hang out with you guys. I dunno why I haven’t seen your blog til now. Blog overload, I guess! But you’re linked on my blog now and I’m watching….errrr…following….you.

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